Ryan F. Salerno

A little about me

I'm a developer who lives in Brooklyn. I've cofounded a company called Equity Token where my job is to design software for founders and investors.

A little about you...

Did you notice that time specific greeting up there? Well that's just the start. Using a little bit of Javascript I can sniff out things like the browser you're running on a , your language setting (), and the number of pages you've visited before this one (it's , and don't worry I can't actually see what the webpages were... that might be invasive to your privacy).

I can even see the level your battery is charged. You're at % 🔋. precious minutes to go!

This may come as no surprise, but I can know your exact location. Of course you'll have to grant me permission first, click here to see your exact latitude and longitude.

If you think this is creepy, that's because it is. Again, all of this information is being sent up by your computer and made available to anyone running a webpage using the Javascript Web API.

My Work

Equity Token
Equity Token is an equity management platform enabling instant transfers, investment deal closing, a shorter path to liquidity, global investor access, lower transactional fees, increased transparency, and much more. Our mission is to help founders improve the lives of one billion people.

Signal Intent
Performance driven calculators built to deliver a better customer experience and increase conversions for financial institutions.

Waste management calendar and ticketing software for dispatchers working with roll-off drivers.